Adam Stone: The Texas Trailblazer Making Waves in Pickleball

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In the world of pickleball, there are certain players who stand out from the rest. One such player is Adam Stone, a true force to be reckoned with on the court. Hailing from the Lone Star State of Texas, Adam has made a name for himself in the sport with his incredible skills and unwavering dedication. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Adam Stone, his journey from tennis to pickleball, his achievements, and his unwavering passion for the game.

From Tennis to Pickleball

Before his pickleball career took off, Adam Stone was a standout tennis player at the University of Texas at Tyler. As a former top collegiate tennis player, he honed his skills on the tennis court and experienced the thrill of competitive sports. However, it was his father who introduced him to the game of pickleball, forever changing the trajectory of his athletic career.

Adam’s first encounter with pickleball happened at a local community center, where his mother’s friends had started playing the sport. Intrigued by the game, Adam decided to give it a try, and he was instantly hooked. The fast-paced nature of pickleball and the social atmosphere surrounding the sport appealed to him, and he quickly realized that he had found his new passion.

Dominating the Pickleball Scene

Since transitioning from tennis to pickleball, Adam Stone has achieved remarkable success on the court. He has become one of the top 10 pickleball players in the world, earning the respect and admiration of his peers. With his exceptional skills and strategic gameplay, Adam has secured three APP titles, two US Open medals, and one Nationals medal, solidifying his status as a true pickleball champion.

One of Adam’s most notable accomplishments was his silver medal win at the 2021 U.S. Open Pickleball Championships in the men’s doubles category. Teaming up with his partner, he showcased his defensive prowess and remarkable shot-making abilities. This impressive achievement further established Adam Stone as a force to be reckoned with in the world of pickleball.

Adam’s journey to success has been marked by memorable victories against formidable opponents, including a remarkable seven match wins against the renowned Ben Johns. With each tournament, Adam continues to prove himself as a formidable competitor, consistently ending up on the podium and earning the respect of both fans and fellow players alike.

adam stone Passion for the Game

Adam Stone’s passion for pickleball is evident in his gameplay and his dedication to the sport. As a former college tennis player and coach, he appreciates the team camaraderie and strategic elements of pickleball. He thrives on the fast-paced nature of the game, finding it more social and dynamic compared to tennis.

Consistency is key for Adam, and he emphasizes the importance of not missing shots. His quick hands and agile footwork make him a formidable opponent on the court, especially when it comes to defense. Adam’s ability to return aggressive shots and keep the ball in play sets him apart from others in the sport.

Off the court, Adam Stone is not just a talented athlete but also a co-host on the popular pickleball podcast, “It Feels Right” alongside Rob Nunnery. Through this platform, he shares his insights, experiences, and love for the game, further contributing to the vibrant pickleball community.

Adam Stone’s Pickleball Gear

When it comes to pickleball gear, Adam Stone knows the importance of having the right equipment to enhance his performance on the court. One key piece of gear that Adam relies on is his paddle, which he believes is the premier touch and feel paddle on the market. The paddle’s characteristics align perfectly with Adam’s playing style, aiding him in his defensive strategies, maintaining control, and setting up his partner for successful shots.

Adam Stone’s paddle of choice is the Tempest Wave II, a paddle that offers exceptional control and precision for strategic short games. Priced at $129.99, the Tempest Wave II is considered a true player’s paddle. Its carbon fiber surface enables Adam to place the ball precisely where he wants it, giving him the confidence to execute his shots with accuracy and finesse.

What sets the Tempest Wave II apart is the integration of graphite in its Tempest PolyCore, which serves to dampen vibrations and reduce weight. This feature is crucial for Adam, as it allows him to maintain better control over the paddle and absorb the impact of hard-hitting shots. Despite its lightweight design, the paddle still provides enough power for Adam to unleash a put-away shot when the opportunity arises.

By utilizing the Tempest Wave II, Adam Stone can rely on its exceptional touch and feel to complement his playing style. The paddle’s control-oriented design empowers him to excel in defensive situations, enabling him to keep the ball in play and reset the rhythm of the game. Additionally, the paddle’s precision allows Adam to set up his partner for strategic shots, capitalizing on his ability to place the ball exactly where it needs to be.

Adam Stone’s choice of pickleball gear showcases his attention to detail and commitment to optimizing his performance on the court. With the Tempest Wave II paddle in hand, Adam is equipped with the tools he needs to elevate his game and continue making a lasting impact in the world of pickleball.

The Future of Pickleball

Adam Stone envisions a bright future for pickleball, with its popularity expected to continue growing in the coming years. He believes that the sport will expand further, offering increased opportunities for players of all skill levels. Adam is enthusiastic about the growth of the pickleball community, anticipating a thriving and inclusive environment for players to come together and enjoy the game they love.

As pickleball gains momentum worldwide, Adam Stone’s contributions to the sport will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact. His dedication, skill, and love for the game inspire both aspiring and seasoned pickleball players, propelling the sport to new heights.

adam stone Family Life and Success Off the Court

Adam Stone’s success on the pickleball court is not the only source of joy in his life. Off the court, he finds happiness in his loving family. Adam is married to none other than Corrine Carr, a prominent pickleball player in her own right. Their love story took them to Peru, where they tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony over the summer.

Their journey as a couple has now been blessed with the arrival of their baby boy. With pickleball flowing through their veins, it is no surprise that their little one is expected to be born with a silver paddle in his hands. As the child of two exceptional players, he is also likely to inherit an IQ through the roof.

Adam and Corrine’s shared love for pickleball not only strengthens their bond but also creates a unique family dynamic. They are undoubtedly a pickleball power couple, inspiring each other to reach new heights in the sport while cherishing the joys of parenthood.

As Adam Stone continues to make waves in the pickleball world, his family stands as a pillar of support, cheering him on every step of the way. The love and harmony they share off the court undoubtedly contribute to his success on the court, fueling his passion and drive to excel in the sport he loves.

With a growing family and a thriving career, Adam Stone proves that success extends far beyond the boundaries of the pickleball court. His commitment to both his game and his loved ones sets an example for aspiring athletes, reminding them of the importance of balance and finding joy in all aspects of life.


Adam Stone’s journey from tennis to pickleball showcases his determination and passion for athletic excellence. As one of the top pickleball players in the world, he continues to push the boundaries of the sport, leaving an indelible mark on the pickleball community. With his remarkable achievements, engaging personality, and unwavering commitment to the game, Adam Stone is a true trailblazer who exemplifies the spirit of pickleball.

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